Mannequin’s Daughter at Gamut Gallery

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We are so excited and honored to be working with the wonderful people at Gamut Gallery again! We did our show Stork and Raven last July at Gamut Gallery as well. Mannequin’s Daughter will be a one night only event as part of the closing of the Valure exhibit. Both the exhibit and our performance explore the themes of feminine beauty and identity. Mannequin’s Daughter explores these themes through the eyes of Iris, who – from viewer perspective – struggles with an eating disorder, but claims what she truly devours is the inorganic items of our modern consumerist culture. Juxtaposing the concept of rampant materialism in our modern age, the performance examines how sexuality is used as a marketing tool to sell products to consumers at the expense of contributing to the misrepresentation of the “ideal” body type.

#Valure Exhibit Finale + Performance Friday, February 17th

Finale 7-11pm, Performance at 8:30pm / $10 admission

Check out Mannequin’s Daughter project page for more details

Follow Gamut Gallery on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks and special announcements leading up to these events. Exhibit’s official hashtag: #Valure

5 to 10 cancelled due to weather

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Unfortunately, we just got word from Hennepin Theatre Trust that 5to10 is cancelled tonight due to imminent thunderstorms.
Stay tuned for future performances of Stork & Raven!

Stork & Raven on Hennepin Avenue!

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Photo credit: Simon Calder

Photo credit: Simon Calder

5 to 10 on Hennepin, sponsored by Made Here and Hennepin Theatre Trust, welcomes Ghostbridge Theatre’s Folklore Remix with Stork & Raven.

A scaled down version of the well-received Gamut Gallery show, Ghostbridge presents Karen Massey as Stork, Jeff Nichols as Raven, and Emily Dantuma on cello.

Thursday, September 15th, 7:30-10 pm. 500 block of Hennepin Ave.

Stork and Raven // #FolkloreRemix Performances at Gamut Gallery

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Stork and Raven

#FolkloreRemix-Inspired Performances at Gamut Gallery

Thursday, July 28th, 2016
Doors at 8pm, Performances at 8:30pm / $10 admission
Music pre & post-performance by James Patrick

Step inside the magical world of The Unwinged Flock, as this refugee tribe of birds presents a fresh mix of performances styles, from opera and improvised music to modern dance and performance art. Riffing on the numerous folklore stories told about winged creatures, these actors and musicians will cross cultures to weave together a new story of bird vs. man.

Hailing from the “Great Nest” where all the legendary folklore birds once resided – the stork who brings the baby; the very first cardinal, who flew through the red of the rainbow; the crow, who was manipulated by the sly fox for his wedge of cheese – these and all the famous birds resided in the Great Nest until they were shot down by humans from the sky. No longer able to fly, The Unwinged Flock are now on journey to find a new home to tell their stories.

Inspired by Gamut’s on-going exhibit featuring cross-cultural original artwork by Rodrigo Oñate, Luis Fitch and Repo, Ghostbridge Theatre’s enchanting storytelling will challenge viewers to reexamine perspective and invites modern-day interpretation into folklore. James Patrick will open and close the evening with a world beat DJ set.

PERFORMERS: Tera Kilbride, Nico Swenson, Sonja Johanson, Jeff Nichols, Karen Massey, Vanessa Christian, Sheila Regan, Emily Dantuma (cello), Aaron Neumann (flute and banjo), with costumes by Michael Hearn.