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Posted February 19, 2013

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By Carly Sletten

“I have always loved going to the theater. I love the passion in the lines, the swelling of the orchestra, and the colorfulness of the costumes. That being said, I am well aware that going to the theater isn’t always something twenty-somethings find stimulating (or affordable) and needless to say there has been many a play that has bored me to tears. Minneapolis’ own Ghostbridge Theater’s latest production, however, throws all of the above notions out the window.

“Four Actors in Search of a Moment” is a production that is both thought provoking as well as pretty darn funny! The idea behind the production is the line that actors dance across when juggling the role they play on stage and their true selves. Four actors start out fully immersed in the characters they play. As they move forward, they slowly become aware that they are not just acting parts on stage, but real people with thoughts, relationships and feelings of their own.

Full of wild dancing, whoops and hollering as well as sharp-witted lines that invoke both thought and laughter, this play was more than enjoyable.  Local band The Poor Nobody’s provide an understated soundtrack. Written and directed by Jeff Nichols, “Four Actors in Search of a Moment” is unlike any theater production I have ever seen and it kept me on my toes every second!

Come by early at 9 pm for music by The Poor Nobody’s and enjoy a complementary glass of wine! Tickets are only $12 so this makes for a great night out with friends or an inexpensive date night with that special someone. Either way it’s a unique experience so check it out! Maybe it’s just the “moment” you’ve been looking for. Enjoy!”

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