Audience review of “Four Actors”

Posted February 19, 2013

Paul Herwig (co-artistic director of Off-Leash Area in Minneapolis) liked our show so much, he wanted to write about it! Thanks, Paul!

“Saw a wonderful show by a pretty new company, Ghostbridge Theatre, called Four Actors in Search of a Moment, a rather dry title for what was a super playful, witty, comically absurd play about role playing and an honesty-vs-fakery struggle that’s reflected in both life and art.

Kudos to the four actors (and dancer, my wife and ever generous performer Jennifer Hupfer Ilse) for pulling it off and avoiding the many “actors talking about how hard it is to be an actor” traps laid throughout the script.

After the pre-show Warholian (though unnecessary) video, there are the great sweeps of physical staging by “Movement Director” Jennifer Ilse and the super-charged but controlled playfulness of the well-cast quartet of actors, and the artistic voice of playwright Jeff Nichols, which has an emerging and distinct style well beyond what one usually gets in script driven theater that’s more concerned with teaching us about a social issue than exploring the unexplainable (and that’s art, mes copains!).

Could Jeff be the new Richard Foreman of Minneapolis (minus the props ;0) ? !!!!!

Really a wonderful show – go see it!”

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