Auditions for newest project “Ask the Question”

Posted September 19, 2011

"Ask the Question" will run at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, MN: Nov 3, Nov 10 & Nov 17 @ 7 PM. See "Projects" page for more information.

Ghostbridge Theatre is auditioning 3 men and 1 woman for “Ask the Question”, which premiered at The Marsh in San Francisco in 2008. A series of character monologues, spoken word, dance, and live music, the show will perform at Bryant-Lake Bowl on Thursdays, Nov. 3, 10, and 17, at 7pm.

Audition date: Saturday, Sept. 24, 1-5 pm. @ Bryant-Lake Bowl
e-mail for appointment:
(contact us if interested but unable to make the audition date)
prepare 2 monologues (1-2 minute dramatic, 1-2 minute comedic)

Character breakdown:

Ahmed (any age): a Pakistani immigrant unjustly being held on suspicion of terrorist ties. An engineer whose faith is in science, not God, he recounts the life he has lost: growing up in Pakistan, marrying his wife, arguing with his religious brother.  Fearing for his sanity in solitary confinement, he turns to God in spite of his misgivings.

The Initiated One (over 30): second-in-command of the Loreleii Foundation, an Ayn Randian organization that purports to offer enlightenment to members.  Charismatic and righteous, he is forced to show a more vulnerable side as he turns personal betrayal into a bid for absolute power.

Alex Dobson (20’s): An overly-militaristic art museum security guard.  Young and full of humour on the outside, deeply jaded inside. As he tries to make a connection with an attractive young patron, memories of his time in Baghdad push him over the edge into a deeply myopic vision of human nature.

The Author (any age): She wanted to be a dancer, a poet, an opera singer, a writer.  Eventually she wrote a show.  *Dancers/movement artists with strong acting ability encouraged to audition.*

Rehearsals will start the week after auditions and run through October.  Actors will receive a $200 stipend.

“Ask the Question”
Written and Directed by Jeff Nichols

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