Ghostbridge FEVER variations

FEVER // variations

Ghostbridge Theatre’s current in-progress project –  FEVER // variations – explores the concept of three unique, yet intricately interwoven, iterations of a fever, or the state of our current & ever fast-approaching reality. Personal, Societal, and Global fever. We have been working on FEVER // variations for a couple months now, exploring through collaborative creation co-led by our Artistic Director, Jeff Nichols and Artistic Associate, Tera Kilbride. We are planning performance dates for early-mid 2018.

FEVER // variations collaborators include:

Company members –

Jeff Nichols, Artistic Director
Tera Kilbride, Artistic Associate
Karen Elaine Massey, Executive Director / Artistic Associate
Eric Larson, Artistic Associate
Michael Hearn, Costume Designer / Props

with Thomas C Lang, Composer / Artistic Collaborator


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Jeff, Karen, Tera, Eric, Michael, & Thomas

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