Stork and Raven

Stork and Raven in a Special Benefit Performance to Aid the Unwinged Flock

Created by Ghostbridge Theatre

Written and Directed by Jeff Nichols


Step inside the magical world of The Unwinged Flock, as this refugee tribe of birds presents a fresh mix of performances styles, from opera and improvised music to modern dance and performance art. Riffing on the numerous folklore stories told about winged creatures, we cross cultures to weave together a new story of bird vs. man.

Hailing from the “Great Nest” where all the legendary folklore birds once resided – the stork who brings the baby; the very first cardinal, who flew through the red of the rainbow; the crow, who was manipulated by the sly fox for his wedge of cheese – these and all the famous birds resided in the Great Nest until they were shot down by humans from the sky. No longer able to fly, The Unwinged Flock are now on journey to find a new home to tell their stories.

Inspired by Gamut’s on-going exhibit featuring cross-cultural original artwork by Rodrigo Oñate, Luis Fitch and Repo, Ghostbridge Theatre’s enchanting storytelling will challenge viewers to reexamine perspective and invites modern-day interpretation into folklore. James Patrick will open and close the evening with a world beat DJ set.


Venue: Gamut Gallery

717 S 10th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Performance Dates:

July 28, 2016 – Doors 8 PM, Show 8:30 PM

Tickets: $10

Admission at Door


Mockingbird: Tera Kilbride

Killdeer: Nico Swenson

Falcon: Sonja Johanson

Stork: Karen Elaine Massey

Raven: Jeff Nichols

Albatross: Vanessa Christian

MC: Sheila Regan

Cello: Emily Dantuma

Flutes and Banjo: Aaron Neumann

Costume Design: Michael Hearn

Masks: Ingrid Hanson


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Gamut Gallery’s Facebook event page




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